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Teruo Nakahigashi (Japan)

Teruo Nakahigashi (Japan)

Interview with Teruo Nakahigashi – japanese angler and traveler

Hello, Teruo! I’m very glad that You found some time for the interview!
How did You start to fish and how long have you been fishing?

T.N.: I have always been fishing since I was 5 year old. My father was an angler as well. Classic. I’m not rich or posh style angler, more like a hippie. I travel by local transport, eat local foods and share their philosophy etc. So that I, at least, stay there for 3 months.
Probably you now understand what kind of angler I am.

Which is Your favorite fishing method and why?

T.N.: Top water and jerkbait because, these are very offensive style of fishing. It’s also so exciting visually.

Famous people are always busy. How often do You go fishing just for pleasure?

T.N.: Well, almost half a year is spent in Amazon for fishing, it’s my pleasure. The photos etc. would be actually my work back in Japan though 😉

Which company’s tackle do you have in Your bag or boat?

T.N.: Fishing rods from TULALA, reels are from Abu Garcia. My lures are mainly from YOZURI and Brazilian.

I am sure, You’ve visited many countries. Which “hot spot” in the world became Your favorite?

T.N.: Although I have been to several countries, it’s AMAZON INDEED!!

Teruo Nakahigashi, japanese fisherman Teruo Nakahigashi, japanese fisherman
Teruo Nakahigashi, japanese fisherman Teruo Nakahigashi, japanese fisherman

Traditional question: which is the largest fish You have ever caught?

T.N.: I’m actually not quite interested in size or weight. My point of view is more like an aqualist, so it’s more about how rare the fish are or excitement of game fishing. Well, it’s not a fish but my caiman record is 4 meters.

Tell us please some funny stories from Your fishing trips.

T.N.: I was almost dead, catching malaria…haha

Do You eat fish or just catch & release? May You describe how to cook Your favorite dish?

T.N.: Basically I only practice C&R but, especially Amazon is pure wild life place. I do eat fish if needed or if the fish is damaged. I just gril it with salt simply that is the best.

What is Your biggest challenge in fishing?

T.N.: I want to know deeply about the mysterious black water and the rest of untouched nature.

Thank you very much for the interview!

I wish You strong feet in traveling for new adventures, unforgettable impressions and I hope that one day we will cast our baits from one boat in the middle of the Amazon!

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