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Rainbow monsters on ice

Rainbow monsters on ice

Rainbow monsters on the ice

Water and place: trout lake in Prague surroundings

Date of fishing: 11.02.2019

Weather and water conditions: cold morning with temperature -5 degrees C, partially cloudy, after 10 a.m.snowfall and pressure drop

Fishing method: active with marmyshka and silicone baits, passive with live baits

Tackle and baits: short ice fishing rods with spinning reel and fluorocarbon line 0,15 mm

Catch in total: a dozen of rainbow trouts and brook trouts, some of them – real monsters, a few others won freedom before photo session

The largest fish: stubborn 6 pounds rainbow trout

Special features of a fishing day: Morning greeted us with a light frost, unusual and unexpected after the previous 10-degree warming at the weekend, so we had to warm up by drinking hot herbal tee and slotting a few holes in quite thick ice. However, the morning bites from large rainbows were quite rough and showed us that the fishing day might be very good. A pair of nice trouts “looked” on the ice and one real monster has broken the line.

Around 10 a.m. has started a snowfall and fish suddenly stopped biting at all. So, rainbow trout is not a roach, which admire snowflakes…. Due to above mentioned reason we decided to make a pause for lunch and visited a traditional czech restaurant situated just nearby. In an hour or so we came back on the water reinforced by delicious czech cusine. And finally we had a pleasure to meet a few more amazing colorful trouts including one almost two feet long real monster female full of caviar, which was proudly presented with shaking hands in front of camera lenses 🙂

Photo report:

The snowfall is always fascinating It is not an easy task to get slimy trout out
A full combat kit with the result This is what trout roe look like
A fight with large fish Here is She – the mother of all trouts!


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