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Ice fishing introduction

Ice fishing introduction

Ice fishing introduction 2018

Water and place:a small lake in Central Bohemia

Date of fishing: 10.02.2018

Weather and water conditions: air temperature during the day around 0 or -1 C, cloudy, low pressure

Fishing method: ice fishing both active and passive methods

Tackle and baits: Short winter rods with tiny fixed-spool reels, line 0,15 mm. All artificial baits except some maggots, Stinky Stuff

Catch in total: approx.15 brook trouts with weight from 200 to 700 gramm (up to 1,8 pound)

The biggest fish: 750 gr (almost 2 pounds) brookie

Special features of a fishing day:That was an amazing day with many brookies! Frankly, I was tormented by doubts just yesterday, because instead of the promised frost -15 C the whole week stood -5 C, so the ice formed very thin, only 4-5 cm, and soft because of snowing on Wednesday.

Crawling on the ice like a snail under its threatening cracking, I decided not to risk the health of my client, who expected to try first time in his life ice fishing, and brought the boards, which created the bridge from terrestrial to aquatic civilizations.

The fish, fortunately, turned out to be active, and the little tricks of the experienced fishing guide took several approx. 700-800 grams brookies on the ice. After successful fishing the lunch in a nearby brewery went just fine!

Client: Lucas from Brasil

Photo report:

The ice crust was very thin The water appeared on the ice
First small brookie Two brook trouts, do you the second one?
The Stinky Stuff was very helpful Outstanding 2 pound brook trout
The fishing guide is sometimes a landing net too Satisfied client is the main goal for a fishing guide


More detailed information about winter ice fishing in Czech republic You can get on the page Ice fishing guide Prague and Czechia

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