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Ice fishing for perch and walleye

Ice fishing for perch and walleye

Ice fishing for perch and walleye with mormyshka

p>Water and place: lake Katlov in Eastern Bohemia

Date of fishing: 28.01.2017

Weather and water conditions: light frost -6 C, cloudy weather, northeasterly wind, ice thickness about 30 cm

Fishing method: marmyshka with bloodworm

Tackle and baits: typical short winter poles with small reel and line 0,12 mm

Catch in total: perch and small walleye, approx. 30 fish in total

The biggest fish: over one pound perch

Special features of a fishing day:The morning on the lake met us with a light frost. My friend Jakub Vagner, which owns this quite big artificial lake, decided to make an experiment and try here for the first time fishing from the ice. So I was full of expectations! Immediately from the first hole with a 5 feet depth I got a bite and pull off a little perch. The same situation continued: hole-perch, hole-perch. A friend of my caught a couple of roaches, but the weather was definitely not for this fish. The shallow water with seaweeds was full of perch fry, and the biggest fish was gathered at a deep pool by the dam. In the evening I catch a small walleye, which was immediately released back. Looking forward for the thaw!


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