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How to catch a big fish

01 Feb Posted by in Beginner's fishing BIBLE | Comments
How to catch a big fish

Ten commandments of successful trophy fishing

As I analyse my fishing past, which has been continuing just for more than a quarter of century, I come to a conclusion, that fishing for “monsters” is not so difficult if you have some practical knowledge as far as a little bit theoretical understanding of fish itself. I have accumulated enough experience in dragging some fish “greybeards” out of the water for posing in front of my camera with them. So I decided to write here down all my general observations about selective fishing for trophy fish. Enjoy and put it into practice asap!

One small note: my observations took place during freshwater fishing; unfortunately I have only a small practice of a see fishing (mainly in Japan, Mediterranean sea and Black sea), although it was successful. But let’s stick to the main subject! 🙂

Ten commandments of successful trophy fishing

1. The basic rule is: fish, where the fish are!

Seems to be very simple rule, but how often people throw their hooks and lures into the water as a blind person? If you are not sure there is a big fish in the water near here, try to observe the water, ask another fishermen and recall your theoretical knowledge.

2. Avoid the hassle. Big fish is a kingly and careful creation, doesn’t like muddle and noise.

Sometimes during fishing as I see another anglers coming it looks like they are going to visit a pub! If you belong to this noisy type of anglers, you should change your behavior immediately when approaching the water or forget about trophy fish forever!

3. Look for hot spots, where the trophy fish feed.

Oh, I know what will you reply me: “It is impossible to find a hot spot, because the water looks allover completely similar.” Yeah, you’re right, but there are three exceptions, which will help you to find monsters in 95% of situations:

  • big and small fish sometimes appear on the surface, especially in the warm season;
  • you can’t “read” water? That’s for shame, visit again your fishing classes!
  • if you have a boat you have a sonar, if you have a sonar – you will find a big fish!

4. Tackle should be designed for trophy fish, but without exaggeration.

“Big hook means big fish..” – did you hear that? I have heard and have seen it million times in my life. Especially greenhorns try to throw into the water huge hooks and lures without any consideration. As I’ve mentioned above big fish is very careful and almost impossible to outwit with a rough equipment! However you shouldn’t also cut it too fat and use ultralight tackle for a catfish.

5. In most cases, big fish prefer big baits.

Big mouth need big chunk! However this rule is not valid all the time, especially during the cold season or bad weather, when the fish show less activity. However it depends on particular fish species. For example pike as well as almost all another predators prefer during the cold season bigger prey for saving energy.

6. Fish alone or with experienced anglers.

As I’ve mentioned in the second rule, some anglers are not able to keep quiet near the water, especially if they are not professionals. On the opposite side good crew of advanced anglers can bring you more knowledge, than some books. However if you enjoy fishing alone you have an opportunity to think over a lot and enjoy the silence and nature in peace.

7. Have patience and do not rush, prepare everything carefully.

I mean everything: fishing tackle, baits, lures, food, clothing, fishing place… Remember! The trophy fish can come only once in your life, so why lost it because of your negligence?

8. Be doubly careful when get fish out! Big Fish is a serious rival.

Don’t underestimate or overestimate your fishing gear and proceed rapidly, but carefully. Don’t forget: the fish should not be completely exhausted, do not deprive its chance to survive!

9. Let tiny fish babes go, they will grow up soon!

We do not live in countries of the Third World with their malnutrition, so please, be so kind and release mainly small fish back into the water. To tell you the truth I love fish meat and my wife cooks fish very well, however I never “support” my nearest neighbours giving them a fish meat. Good advice for successful fishing – OK, but not a fish corp. Furthermore how can be killed such a beautiful fish as the grayling or brown trout are?!

10. If you’re going to catch a Big Fish, concentrate on the Big Fish only.

Yes, that’s correct. Not only your equipment, but first of all your thinking and behavior should be directed toward a trophy fish! And finally your dreams will come true!

Tight Your Lines!

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